Big 5 Sauces South African Style

Big 5 Sauces

Not only are we caterers, but we also have a small range of artisan food products which are manufactured in a professional kitchen at the NoWFOOD Centre at Chester University.

The facilities have enabled us to produce en masse so we can make the products widely available through small and large retailers and online.

The sauces are all used in both the catering and delivery business. So if you like what you’ve eaten through our delivery service and you fancy making a quick curry of your own, or adding our award winning BBQ Sauce (also known as Monkey Gland Sauce in South Africa, but contains no monkeys or glands) to a burger or using our chilli paste to spice up a dish or give it a lift, then check out our range here.

Gift sets are also available and delivery would be free with your home delivery order.