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About Us

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Big 5 Catering is founded by South African chef, Darren Andrews, who has almost two decades of experience in hospitality, from front of house services to catering on both a small and large scale.

Darren lives in Chester, Cheshire, and he has a passion to provide excellent service and food to your event.

Hog roasting is becoming more and more popular, as is Lamb on a spit. Not only is the meat cooked to perfection over a long period of time, the spit roasting process itself is a form of culinary theatre for any party.

Darren has taken his hog roasting business one step further by introducing BBQ but with an South African style. By incorporating the flavours used in South African meat marinades with well known South African BBQ meats, Darren is able to bring a taste of Africa to your event. We take our catering services very seriously and spend quality time trying out new things so we can offer our customers something that’s a little different. BBQ catering is in our blood and we are Cheshire’s premier BBQ caterers. Remember, just because someone owns a BBQ, doesn’t mean they know how to BBQ!!. There are a number of different cooking styles on a BBQ and it’s important to know which style to adopt, get the timings right and ultimately serve food that is perfectly cooked and packed with flavour.

Our passion for tasty food also extends to the salads, desserts and traditional non-BBQ dishes that South Africans enjoy on a daily basis.