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Is it a sigh of relief or a huff??

So we’ve said goodbye to 2020 and hello 2021, but does this mean good things are to come? I’ve realised that while running my own business, nothing is ever guaranteed but the one consistent thing is being able to adapt to a situation (or global pandemic!!).

We’ve all been waiting for 2021 but things are not guaranteed to change, certainly not in the short term. I’m not sure I can sigh with relief that 2021 is here but I am sure that I will continue to adapt, do what it takes, provide the best possible service to my customers and do my little bit!

So, it is with deep gratitude that I want to thank all my customers, new and existing, for the support and encouragement shown to me and my business (and I’m sure other small businesses around the UK). You’ve kept the ‘braai’ fire going, so here’s to 2021, wherever it takes us!! Chin chin!

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Keeping the ‘braai’ fire going!
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A new thing!

Hello and welcome to our new ‘Home Food Delivery’ site.

As we navigate our way through these difficult months with the impact of COVID-19 on our business (like the thousands of other businesses out there), we have decided to launch a food delivery service of some of the food we serve at events.

It’s an opportunity for folks to try what we offer and for us to show case some of our favourite meals. It’s a whole new way of operating for us, but I’m up for the challenge and have really enjoyed being back in the kitchen cooking the food I love to cook!

Sadly, this offering is currently limited to areas local to Chester, namely Saughall, Blacon and Mollington. This may change so watch this space!

All the food will be delivered in sturdy, compostable, food safe containers because we care about the environment as much as you do.